316ti Stainless Steel Bar

316ti Stainless Steel Bar

At Brindley Metals we offer a wide range of metal bars to suit a huge array of different applications. If you need products for high temperature applications, our 316Ti stainless steel bar is perfect for you. We offer round bars in many sizes, ranging from 3mm in diameter all the way to 100mm.


The thing that makes 316Ti such a great material is it contains anywhere from 0.4% to 0.7% titanium. This can be up to five times the amount of carbon in the alloy. These atoms stabilise the steel and mean it has a much higher melting point, generally around 1400°C. As a result it has more heat resistance and is perfect for high temperature applications.

Another advantage of including titanium is it improves the corrosion resistance. The stabilisation of the atoms means carbide precipitation will not happen. This in turn means 316ti stainless steel bar has more protection against corrosion, even if you hold it at a high temperature for a long period of time.

Mechanical properties

You may be thinking that adding titanium to the steel alloy will change its mechanical properties. However, it retains ones very close to other variants of grade 316. As a result it still has good machinability and weldability. You can hot or cold work the stainless steel. However, you cannot harden the material with heat treatment.

One downside of 316Ti stainless steel bar is that work hardening will happen. However you can minimise this by ensuring tools are sharp and keep cuts light. Heat will also concentrate at the cutting edges so you need to use enough coolant and lubricant.

Like other types of stainless steel, you can expect excellent performance if you are using fusion welding with 316Ti. You can get a great result whether you use fillers or not. This grade is also the best variant of 316 for heavy section welds.

Buying 316ti stainless steel bar

If you want to order high quality products Brindley Metals is the company for you. We have an excellent reputation and can cater for any kind of order. In fact, if you need several different metal products, we can provide all of them for you. We also offer fast delivery, great prices, and professional advice.

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