6AL4V Grade 5 Titanium – Why is it so popular?

Few metals are as versatile as titanium. In its pure form it can cater for a wide array of needs. However, it also comes in an array of alloys to cater for even more uses. With different elements in each alloy, it is possible to increase things like the strength, corrosion resistance, and workability. The most common alloy in terms of use is 6AL4V or Grade 5 titanium. It has some great properties that make it useful for a number of applications.

What does 6AL4V mean?

Grade 5 titanium gets its other name from the main elements in the alloy. First off there is 6% aluminium (AL). Manufacturers add this in the alpha phase to stabilise the alloy. In addition there is 4% vanadium (V). This is added in the beta phase to provide even more stabilisation.


Most people know that titanium is famous for being low weight but high strength. This makes it a top alternative to steels in applications where lightness is vital but the material still needs to be very strong. On top of this titanium has great corrosion resistance so it is again better than steel and other metals that corrode easily.

While Grade 4 or 6AL4V titanium offers both of these, its beneficial properties don’t stop there. Most importantly, it is heat treatable in a number of ways. For example it responds very well to annealing, solution treating and aging.

Other benefits include the fact the alloy is suitable for use in a huge array of environments. For example it won’t be damaged by seawater, wet chlorine gas, solutions that contain chlorine compounds, an array of acids, and more.


This grade of titanium is suitable for a huge number of specialist applications. For example it is common in the aerospace and automotive industries for creating engine parts. It also has lots of uses in offshore and subsea applications, including oil and gas refining. There are even many medical uses, including implants and prosthetics. Overall there are uses for this alloy in almost every kind of industry.

Order 6AL4V Grade 5 titanium

Brindley Metals has been supplying this incredible alloy for many years. In fact, we offer it in a range of forms to cater for as many needs as we can. For example we offer it in plates and sheets in various dimensions. In addition, we stock both bars and tubes in a range of thicknesses.

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