7075-T6 aluminium round bar is high strength but light

At Brindley Metals we offer a broad selection of high quality products. This includes bars, plates, sheets, fittings and machined parts in various metals. One of the many materials we are happy to stock is 7075-T6 aluminium round bar. It is available in various diameters, ranging from 8mm all the way to 350mm.

What is 7075-T6 aluminium?

There is a wide array of alloys of aluminium to choose from. What makes 7075 so special is its incredibly high strength and superior resistance to stress corrosion. The alloy has these impressive properties because it contains zinc and copper. It is a great material to use if high strength is essential but corrosion resistance is not as vital.

This alloy of aluminium has a number of other valuable features. For example it has good machinability so users can work it in several ways. It is also possible to polish it to a high sheen, making it a good material if reflectivity or aesthetics are important.

The T6 temper makes the alloy even stronger. To achieve this, the metal is solution heat treated to a very high temperature then artificially aged. The end result is metal that is stronger than most mild steels.


This alloy of aluminium is commonly known as “aircraft grade”. This is because it has so many uses in aviation. For example 7075-T6 aluminium round bar is excellent for various frames, including aircraft and hang gliders. This is because it is so strong but still lightweight. It is also a popular material for bicycle components.

In addition, the alloy has many uses in the marine and automotive industries. The good corrosion resistance and high strength makes it better than steels.

Order 7075-T6 aluminium round bar

At Brindley Metals we work hard to offer a great service for every client. We specialise in working with members of the public because we know how difficult it can be to order metals for smaller projects. So, whether you are building your own vehicle or have a DIY project in mind, you can rely on us to supply you.

Our 7075-T6 aluminium round bar is the highest quality and is available in various lengths to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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