A guide to titanium grade 7 and machining titanium

We are a family owned company that excels in the supply of several metals and metal based products. Our reputation has grown over the years. Today, people consider us to be one of the top businesses in our field. We are especially well known for sourcing a wide array of options, including being one of the only suppliers of titanium grade 7 round bar metal in the UK. To make our service even better, we offer quick delivery and have a lot of experience with machining titanium and other metals.

Characteristics of titanium grade 7

This grade of titanium has mechanical and physical attributes not unlike those of grade 2. It has wonderful fabrication and welding characteristics. Not to mention, it has high resistance to corrosion, particularly from acids.

Since grade 2 and 7 are so similar, you may be wondering why they both exist. The reason is that grade 7 has a minor distinction. This grade holds a minute level of palladium, which adds to the corrosion resistance. In truth, of all the titanium grades, it is the one with the most resistance in that area.

The high corrosion resistance makes grade 7 titanium very popular in the chemical processing industry. This is because it can withstand various substances for a long time. As a result it is perfect for all kinds of products, especially when it is in round bar form.

The facts of machining titanium

If you plan on working with titanium, then it is also vital to know about machining it. The alloys have become staples of many applications as well as chemical processing. This includes automotive, medical and aerospace ones. However, many obstacles exist that you need to think about before you machine it.

The primary ideas are to halt tool or workpiece deflection, work hardening, heat generation, and galling. Luckily, the ways to overcome them are well known. Using a large amount of coolant at high pressures, you can keep feeds up and speeds down. When the tool gets in contact with the workpiece, you should keep it in motion. Finally, use as rigid a setup as you can.

Order titanium round bar from us

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