A life-saving metal

We are an establishment that excels in providing first rate metal products and services. Some of our best offerings include our grade 7 titanium round bar and plate goods. Regardless of what our customers are looking for, we make sure they walk away with the exact items they require.

Titanium is a popular metal that is excellent for a myriad of uses across a whole host of industries. Since it is a strong and light material, you would probably believe that it is the best choice for a number of applications. These include building, military, firearms, marine, and automobile. You would be right in linking the metal to these.

The main reason for titanium’s popularity is its distinct attributes. It does not act like most other metals do. As a result, it is capable of things that others are not. The biocompatibility in particular is what makes it popular in the dental and medical industries. Thanks to this, it is a legitimate life-saver. If you are wondering how exactly people use it in these industries, let us give you some examples.

Need any implants?

Titanium is the go to material for various implants, including joint and bone replacements. It is also the best choice for dental implants. The section of the implant that is meant for the jawbone is made of the metal. Due to the biocompatibility, the body accepts these implants. Impressively it encourages bone growth. So, the patient’s bones get stronger and body won’t reject the implant.

Other uses

There are some other really interesting uses for titanium. For example, it is often in sunscreen. When most people think about the metal they will imagine it as a solid. However, it can also be a powder. Many types of sunscreen include titanium dioxide in this form. It is a safe, naturally occurring oxide. It is what stops UV rays from penetrating your skin.

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At Brindley Metals, we want everyone to be able to take advantage of our merchandise. Therefore, our metal products come with very competitive price tags. Our commitment to the customers also makes us one of the foremost metal specialists in the UK.

So, if you would like to use our grade 7 titanium round bar and plate goods, please let us know. We offer a very broad range of products and can even give clients advice and support.

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