A look at aluminium alloy Grade 6026

At Brindley Metals we strive to offer the most comprehensive range of resources. To do this, we are always looking to source different alloys. One of the newest additions to our selection is aluminium alloy Grade 6026. It is a great material with superior corrosion resistance and good tensile strength, as well as high resistance to weakness and cracking.

A recent development with environmental protection in mind

The most interesting thing about this alloy is that it was developed in order to meet stricter European Environmental Protection Directives. There are two in particular that it satisfies effectively; 2000/53/EC-ELV and 2002/95/EC-RoHS.

The first of these, 2000/53/EC-ELV, is for the automotive sector. The main aim of the directive is to prevent waste from vehicles at the end of their life. It also aims to promote recycling, reuse, and other forms of recovery to reduce waste disposal. Plus, it wants to improve the environmental performance of operators.

The second, 2002/95/EC-RoHS, is for electrical and electronic equipment. The directive restricts the use of hazardous substances in these items to protect human health. It also aims to promote environmentally friendly recovery and disposal of materials.

Aluminium alloy Grade 6026 complies with the two directives. As a result, it is safe to use in both industries. Plus, it is highly recyclable so resources can be saved at the end of a product’s life.

Chemical composition

This alloy is primarily aluminium with the addition of things like manganese, magnesium, silicon, and bismuth. One of the most vital details here is it does not contain any tin. This is important because tin can cause cracking and weakness, especially when you expose machined parts to high temperatures and stresses.

The chemical composition also gives the metal excellent corrosion resistance. While the alloy can contain a small amount of iron, it will not compromise it.


Like other aluminium alloys, you can temper grade 6026 to improve its characteristics. Most often people will choose a T9 temper. This requires solution heat treatment, ageing, and cold working. The end result is a metal that has similar tensile strength to high mechanical strength alloys like 2011.

Machining parts

One of the great things about aluminium alloy Grade 6026 is it is suitable for use on high speed automatic lathes. While these machines can create parts effectively, the speeds and stress mean that cracking and weakness is a risk. Luckily, this grade of aluminium is highly machinable.

The tensile strength of Grade 6026 is similar to 2030. This is one of the most common metal choices for these applications. However, it has poor corrosion resistance. Grade 6026 on the other hand has excellent resistance, so it is a great alternative.

Other uses

As we said above, the aluminium is great for electrical/electronic parts as well as automotive ones. It is especially good for machined parts. This includes brake systems for various vehicles. In addition, the metal is perfect for hot forging, and decorative or hard anodizing.

Grade 6026 also has good weldability. That makes it suitable for even more applications.

Speak to us to order aluminium alloy grade 6026

This aluminium is most commonly available in round bars and rods. At Brindley Metals we can source them in a range of sizes to suit a huge variety of needs. We only supply high quality materials from reliable manufacturers, so you can buy with confidence.

If you are looking to use aluminium alloy Grade 6026, you can contact us for help. We can tell you more about it and the applications it is useful for. Then we can place an order for you if you want to proceed.

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