A nickel with good oxidation resistance

At Brindley Metals we work hard to help clients choose the right products. We give them the chance to look at various options, including pure metals and different alloys. Plus, we can offer substances in various forms, such as bars, blocks, and more. We are particularly well known for offering alloy 90 nickel round bar and other nickels.

What is oxidation?

If you are planning to use metal for a project, you may need to think about oxidation. This is the reaction that happens when a substance meets oxygen. Because it is unlikely that your metal items will be for use in a vacuum, you need to plan for this.

You also need to consider oxidation if your metal will come into contact with steam or water vapour. Both include oxygen and the rate that oxides develop will be much faster. An oxide here tends to be richer in iron too, meaning they are more porous.


Sometimes oxidation is not a bad thing. In fact, there are situations when it can actually be very beneficial. Some metals will gain an oxide layer on the surface. If it is dense and continuous, it can actually protect the substrate from corrosion. You can see this with various materials, including stainless steel.


However, the oxidation can become an issue if it is not continuous and acts as a separator. What this can do is cause scaling and allow corrosion.

There can also be issues because of the temperature. Each metal will have a maximum service temperature. When they exceed this the oxide layer that develops can crack. The cracks leave spots where there is no protection. As a result, the substrate can corrode rapidly.

Alloy 90 nickel

A number of nickel alloys can offer good resistance to oxidation. Alloy 90 is one of them. It contains a high amount of chromium, an element that can make it more resistant. In addition, it can contain small amounts of silicon and zirconium, both of which also improve it.

The oxidation resistance makes the nickel a really good metal for components for gas turbines and other products that have to deal with high temperatures. People use it to create things like blades, discs, and other parts. The fact it has high tensile strength means these products will be stable and sturdy.

Do you need alloy 90 nickel round bar?

Brindley Metals has a wide stock of products that we get directly from leading manufacturers all around the world. We work hard to source quality metal, even obtaining metals that can be difficult to find in the UK. Often this can involve us importing them specifically for our clients.

One product we are proud to offer is alloy 90 nickel round bar. It can be the best option for a number of applications. It is also precipitation hardenable to improve the yield strength. This is a service we can help clients to arrange.

So, contact us today if you want to order high quality products.

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