A superalloy that lives up to its name

Our company has spent years working to earn a reputation as a first rate metal supplier. We specialise in various products, including C276 nickel alloy round bar. In addition to offering top tier goods, we also aim to deliver them quickly. Moreover, we make sure the prices are some of the most competitive in the UK.

No problem with corrosion

Alloy C276 has a very special nickname – many people call it a superalloy. It contains nickel, molybdenum, and chromium. There is also tungsten to ensure the metal has great corrosion resistance. As a result, the metal will perform well in all sorts of severe environments.

The high molybdenum and nickel contents make this metal alloy especially resistant in some of the harshest conditions. For example it can resist crevice and pitting corrosion in reducing environments. At the same time, the chromium gives resistance to oxidising media.

The low carbon content here also lowers carbide precipitation when you weld it. This means there won’t be an impact on the resistance to corrosion in as-welded structures. The nickel alloy has resistance to grain boundary precipitate formations. This is in the weld heat zone. As a result, it is appropriate for the majority of chemical process projects in an as-welded condition.


The C276 alloy can be impact extruded, hot-upset, and forged. Even though it has a habit of work hardening, you can punch, press form, deep-draw, and spin it. You are also able to use all of the standard welding methods. That being said, it is wise to avoid submerged or oxyacetylene arc processes in some cases. This is because they can lower the corrosion resistance.


You can use this alloy for many things. Examples include sour gas wells, waste treatment, and flue gas desulfurisation systems.

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