A true transition metal

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Nickel is what you call a transition metal. It finds its purpose in a huge array of applications. Something that separates it from other metals though is the versatility. As a metal, it is sturdy and pliable. You can stretch it into a wire with ease. After its extraction through conventional techniques, it experiences a multitude of metallurgical procedures. It may be easy to purify, but to get more from it, people combine the metal with other elements to create fantastic alloys.

In this post, we will be talking about how nickel gets used in cars, electronics, coins, and electroplating. These applications show just how dynamic it is.


One of the most common uses of nickel is actually in our vehicles. The majority of steels within cars contain some amount of nickel. In fact, in the steel industry, it is one of the most critical elements. Manufacturers of vehicles rely on stainless steels for the high strength and corrosion resistance. As for the nickel, its job is to absorb energy originating from crashes or bumps. By adding it to the steel, the alloys will crumple instead of fracturing. This is safer and also enhances the strength.


Nickel is also a common find in various electronics. There is even an overlap with cars here as both make use of batteries that contain the metal. Nanotechnologies, as well as massive electrical components, use it too. Smartphones and laptops possess parts that contain it. With compact discs, they come with a nickel-coated layer. One interesting fact is that people continue to use all of these items despite the fact that they have a nickel allergy.


When many people think about nickel, they will instantly imagine the American coin. The 5-cent is cupronickel, containing 75% copper and 25% nickel. It has been part of the US currency since 1866, although there are some people who propose withdrawing it. Other countries to use or have used the metal to make coins include Canada, France, Belgium, and Indonesia. Some countries chose pure nickel whereas others have the cupronickel alloy or nickel-plate coins.


Lastly, we come to nickel’s use in electroplating. The metal is extensively featured in this application. It protects against corrosion and enhances wear resistance. Furthermore, it increases the plate’s thickness.

As far as aesthetics go, it can augment the brightness and appearance of an object. To give an example, in order to produce a base layer for gold or silver, your go-to metal should be nickel.

Other industrial applications that employ nickel electroplating include chemical, computing, consumer electronics, and telecommunications industries.


As we said above, nickel can alloy with many other metals, including zinc or palladium. As an alloy of zinc, it can improve the protection against corrosion. When you combine it with palladium, it reduces the cracking risk. Not to mention, it minimises deposit stress.

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