Aluminium clad timber composite windows are the way to go

We are a family owned establishment that has specialised in metal products for a very long time. Since our founding, our main goal has been to ensure customers receive metals that meet their specifications. This includes things like grade 5083 aluminium bar and plate, and much more. We can also often source specialist materials that many other suppliers don’t carry.

Aluminium is a material that works well on its own. However, you can combine it with other substances to create extremely effective materials. This includes uniting it with timber in aluminium clad timber composite windows. With more focus on energy efficiency and the environment, products like this are rising in popularity.

What are they?

If you don’t know what these windows are, allow us to explain. You create a composite by merging two or more substances. Every material comes with its own characteristics. In composites, you can get a hybrid of them. Usually, composite windows have a timber core with an aluminium plate. This exists on the exterior and is relatively thin.

Timber aluminium windows like these are available in an array of specifications and styles. They give their owners all sorts of advantages, like energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability. If you are still wondering why you should purchase them, read on.

A sustainable design

Firstly, aluminium and timber composites are very sustainable. Many manufacturers obtain their materials from FSC certified sites. Because of this, you can have confidence that the wood is sustainable. You can also recycle them later in life. So, they have a smaller environmental impact than other types of window.


You will be able to save money with these windows too. The timber core and aluminium facing can reduce heat loss and prevent the cold from seeping into properties. This can help you to reduce your heating bills.

The quality

Another point we need to make is that the quality is superb. There are probably people out there who want to upgrade from their old timber or uPVC windows. Aluminium-clad timber products are a great investment. They will last a long time to make your investment go further.

Nearly no maintenance

Furthermore, these specific windows come with next to no maintenance. It is a busy world we live in and not everyone can commit time to window upkeep. Thankfully, with aluminium clad windows, there is very little to do. Since the timber is on the interior here, it is not exposed to the elements. The aluminium is responsible for enduring the extremes of the weather. It has the properties to withstand this, whether it is rain, snow, or bright sunlight.

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