An aluminium alloy that does well in extreme settings

We are an expert company working to provide a series of high quality metals to clients. Our selection includes grade 5083 aluminium bar and plate, as well as many other materials. The aluminium alloy will serve you well if you need to create products for extreme settings. It has fantastic characteristics that mean it can withstand these tough environments.

Aluminium alloy 5083 is an extremely strong addition to the family. It is popular in a host of heavy engineering contexts. For example, it comes with an excellent resistance to corroding sea water so it is great for ship parts. It is also robust against industrial chemicals, making it a top choice for applications here.

Alloy 5083 exhibits the greatest strength of the non-heat treatable aluminium alloys. However, you should avoid using it in places with temperatures above 65ºC. The heat could weaken it.

The metal maintains its strength after welding as well. What’s more, its mixture of excellent formability and ductility means it is a good choice for low temperature settings. Having worked with this alloy ourselves, we can tell you everything you need to know about it in detail.

Considerations with 5083

To start off we will talk about some of the details you have to consider when working with the alloy. Firstly, it does not have the best response to soldering or brazing. There may also be challenges with machinability. The gas and cold workability are average too. However, the arc and resistance weldability are both wonderful.

If you wish to weld it, either to another alloy in the same sub-group or itself, it is a good idea to use 5183 as the filler metal. You should then follow this with 5356 and 5556. Let us know if you require grade 5083 aluminium bar and plate.

Now that you know about some of the more important considerations, we can talk about why it was initially invented. The fact is that alloy 5083 was made with very extreme environments in mind. We are talking about settings where chemicals, sea water and other harmful elements can make lesser alloys falter. The goal was to make it so this was a more reliable option.

The uses of alloy 5083

Because 5083 is a very strong alloy, it is useful for industrial and heavy engineering projects. Here, strength is an absolute must. Examples of uses include pressure vessels, tooling for aerospace applications, tipper truck bodies, and medical technology. Others include railway carriages, mining cages and skips, and security technology.

We are not finished yet, because the alloy is also used for vehicle bodies, precision engineering, shipbuilding, and general engineering. The last group of applications we will mention include CNC components, gauges, and moulds.


Another subject we want to talk about is what affects the price of this particular alloy. Values of the raw aluminium have a big impact. This is thanks to the daily behaviour of economic demand and supply.

The supply and price of separate elements in the alloy will have an influence too. To give an example, if titanium becomes difficult to locate, 5083 is going to become more expensive to produce. Post-Brexit transport troubles, sanctions, trade wars, and politics influence supplies of materials.

The fight against climate change has an effect as well. It is placing pressure on CO2 heavy mining endeavours. This can increase their operating costs or cut production. Both can cause the price of 5083 to rise.

There is a lot to offer with grade 5083 aluminium bar and plate

At Brindley Metals, we have acquired a great reputation as one of the UK’s foremost metal suppliers. One of the main contributors to this is our ability to source a huge range of materials. This can include aluminium alloys, brasses and yellow metals, high purity silver, and much more. There is also no minimum order and we work to get your orders to you quickly.

So, feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to order grade 5083 aluminium bar and plate or any other metal in our selection. You can even ask us to recommend a material if you are unsure what to use for your project.

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