An aluminium alloy that works great in water

If you ever need a place to buy high quality metal products, come to us. We excel at providing metals in a variety of forms. This includes aluminium bar and plate in grade 5083. In addition, we offer services like machining, heat treatment, and more. As specialists in our industry, we can supply exactly what you need.

The 5083 aluminium alloy is known far and wide for its excellent performance. This is when it is used in extreme conditions. The alloy can exhibit a great resistance to chemical environments. It works wonders in marine ones as well. Of all the heat-treatable aluminium alloys, it has the highest strength. However, it is not wise to use it in temperatures that exceed 65ºC.

Marine grade

This alloy is classified as being a marine grade aluminium. Due to the corrosive nature of saltwater as well as regular water, you need to take care when you select a metal. This is the case for off-shore drilling platforms, shipbuilding, and many other applications.

Marine grade aluminium is also one of the best metals for seafaring structures and vessels. This is thanks to its advantageous features. It comes in handy for components and machinery inside them too.

It is best to alloy aluminium with other metals

Pure aluminium has a great resistance to corrosion. This is when you compare it to many other metals. However, the frequent exposure to moisture and water in marine settings demands extra protection. As a result, the best option is to alloy the aluminium with other metals.

In the case of grade 5083, the other metals in the alloy are magnesium as well as trace amounts of chromium and manganese. This can help to increase the resistance, meaning the alloy is able to put up with sustained contact with seawater and water.

Order aluminium bar and plate in grade 5083 today

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