An aluminium that is great for marine environments

One of the biggest problems in marine environments is how corrosive they can be. The salt in the water and the air can cause rapid corrosion in various metals. As a result it is important to choose types and alloys carefully. Grade 5251 aluminium bar and plate is a good choice. It has very high resistance to corrosion so it can last a long time in challenging marine settings.

What can affect the corrosiveness?

Not every marine environment is the same. Some can have much higher levels of corrosiveness than others. A number of factors affect this. For example there is the topography of the shore, the humidity, and wave action. The action of the prevailing winds also has a huge impact. It can carry salt particles very long distances, meaning that in some instances metals many miles from the coast are still at risk.

The big issue here is that the corrosion is mainly caused by sodium chloride. It could be either dry particles or liquid aerosol in the air. However, when it settles on a metal it can cause it to corrode. The higher the concentration in the air, the faster the corrosion can be. Higher humidity also boosts the rate. Even rain can cause it to accelerate.

Grade 5251 Aluminium bar and plate

In tests aluminium is one of the best options for marine use. This is because the metal naturally gains a protective oxide coating because of exposure to the air. As a result it can have more protection against the corrosive environment,

However, there is an important thing to note here. In time chlorides can break down the protective oxides on many types of aluminium. This is something people should prepare for.

Want to order marine grade aluminium?

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