Are there specific reasons for using 430FR for solenoids?

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Why is the alloy good for solenoids?

Whether you refer to it as 430FR or 1.4105, you will probably be aware that this is a free-machining solenoid quality stainless steel alloy. It is an excellent choice for parts that demand sufficient electrical resistivity.

This alloy is also perfect when you need corrosion resistance. For example, it is outstanding at resisting corrosion in low chlorine and moderately acidic settings. This is also true for gaseous and fresh water settings.

In addition, the alloy has good magnetic characteristics and hardness. This is thanks to the high silicon level. The latter also means there will be less deformation from any kind of impact.

The interior shaft of linear solenoids

You tend to find 430FR or 1.4105 in rod form. These rods are treated and formulated for use as the interior shaft of linear solenoids. In essence, these are not complex machines. It is possible to create a basic one using any magnetic material, a battery, drinking straw, and copper wire. It is even possible to use a standard nail for the shaft.

Similar to how we transmit and store data in ones and zeroes, offs and ons, linear solenoids start with this simplicity. The armature moves out depending on if the current is running through the wire or not. It shifts in multiple directions depending on the polarity.


Solenoids are useful for a variety of items. For example you can use them for managing blood flows with kidney dialysis machines or to lock your car door. There are many industrial applications, including use in machinery that requires valve operation, rotation, and more. They are also essential for an array of automation solutions.

Ordering 430FR or 1.4105 stainless steel

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