Are you familiar with needle tubes?

We are a business excelling at the distribution of specialist metals as well as a wide range of metal products. Our team is one of the most reliable in the UK when it comes to this line of work. Our range is extensive, including plate, sheet, and tube material in various sizes. This includes larger diameters are well as tiny stainless steel needle tubes. In addition we offer an array of machined parts. Whatever your needs, we are here ready to serve them.

Needle tubing is a form of tube that comes with very thin walls. It was designed specifically to tight tolerances. This is so that people can use it in precision applications. Manufacturers weld it using a smoothed weld bead on the interior. Doing this permits them to lower particle build ups.

With this form of tubing, you need to weld and draw it to tight ID and OD tolerances. Popular variations include 304 and 316 stainless steel. As for applications, these tubes are brilliant for industrial and medical components. This is because many demand corrosion resistance, uniformity, and strength.

Reasons why stainless steel is a favourite material for needle tubes

There are plenty of other reasons why people favour stainless steel variants of these tubes as well. For one thing, there is the hygienic side of things. It is simple to clean them so it is easy to maintain good hygiene. This is essential for tubing that will be used in kitchens and hospitals. Stainless steel stands as one of the most hygienic materials out there. Any substances that encounter the material won’t attract germs or dirt.

Furthermore, stainless steel is one of the least expensive choices. This is as far as life cycle cost comparisons go. It is more cost effective than titanium.

In addition, stainless steel meets excellent technical performance standards. This will ensure top quality of life. It also means it is useful for a huge array of possible applications.

Talk to us about stainless steel needle tubes

At Brindley Metals, we have built a reputation as trustworthy professionals. This is because we can supply the finest products and cater for so many different needs. We are also capable of providing knowledge and advice on any of our metal products should you need it.

If you want the best stainless steel needle tubes on the market, please contact us. We offer them in 2mm diameter OD with a 0.5mm wall. Although thin, they are strong and durable.

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