Avoiding the difficulties of machining nickel alloys

Brindley Metals supplies a large variety of metal products, including many alloys in different forms. We cater for clients who need high quality goods. In addition, we excel in providing services like nickel alloy machining. The results we produce are excellent and the prices we ask for are very reasonable.

Nickel is difficult to machine when you don’t use the proper tools or take the correct approach. Process planners, managers, and machinists all have a habit of treating it like a high resistance, high strength metal. This is a mistake. The physical properties might not be all that different. However, when you have nickel at the cutting edge, you will notice the practice differs. Heat-treated metals have a greater chance of chipping when under sheer force. This originates from the tools you use in machining.

Drilling factors

Despite this, with conventional methods, and some tips, you can machine nickels properly. One such tip is to think about the drilling factors. While using CNC machines, you could be using insert drills. If so, it is ideal to use the same speeds when turning, boring, or facing any particular alloy. In addition, you should have the feed rates be .002″ per revolution.

Reaming actions

You should take note of these too. It is best to have speeds be at about half here. As for the feed, have it around three times your drill speed. Employ small tools as well. They need a marginal face rake that is between 5º and 8º.


Finally, we will discuss the tapping situations. You should opt for a tap drill moderately bigger than the normal drill recommendation for conventional threads. The reason is that the metal has a good chance of flowing into your cut.

Arranging nickel alloy machining

At Brindley Metals, we use our experience to aid customers with numerous forms of metal processing. In addition to machining, this includes polishing, grinding, and anodising. In fact we can offer a one stop service for most needs.

So, if you would like to do business with our team, whether specifically for nickel alloy machining or another need, feel free to contact us.

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