Choosing a nickel superalloy

Trying to find the right alloy for a project can be hard. Luckily, Brindley Metals can help. We have a deep knowledge and a very broad collection of metals and their alloys. As a result, we can assist each client, guiding them to choose a material. If you need nickel alloy round bar in particular, we have options like alloy C276 and more.

What is a superalloy?

If you are looking for a metal with very high temperature resistance, you may see the term superalloys. This is a collection of nickel, cobalt, and iron-nickel alloys. They are the go to materials for many uses where the temperatures will be excessively high. This includes parts for jet engines and steam turbines.

The best thing about the superalloys is they will retain several notable characteristics even at temperatures that exceed 1,050 degrees Celsius. For example, the alloys won’t suffer from a loss of stiffness, toughness, strength, or dimensional stability.

On top of that a superalloy will also have good resistance to both corrosion and oxidation. The metals retain these even at high temperatures. This is vital as it means the materials will last longer.

High demand

There is a huge amount of demand for superalloys today. This is primarily because of advances in engine and propulsion technology. The improvements here mean that the engines can generate far more thrust. At the same time they can also produce far more heat. That means the metal components need to be able to resist it.

The response to the demand and requirements is a great deal of research into new materials. A main goal here is to reduce the weight of the materials while also retaining the strength and resistance to heat, corrosion, and oxidation. There is also a big focus on lowering the cost to produce them as it can be very expensive in many cases.

Come to us for C276 nickel alloy round bar

Brindley Metals offers a great selection of materials to suit many applications. The range even includes the superalloy C276. It is an alloy of nickel that has high amounts of molybdenum, chromium, and tungsten. This gives it some really impressive characteristics, such as the high heat resistance and excellent corrosion resistance.

This metal is great for a number of very challenging applications. For example it is the go to for things like sour gas and oil recovery, mixed acid chemical processing, and more.

If you do have an application where you need the properties we spoke of above, alloy C276 could be the best one for you. We are proud to offer it alongside several other types of nickel alloy round bar.

You can learn more about any of the metals we stock or the other services we can offer by contacting us.

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