CNC machining tips for aluminium

When you are in the market for metal products, you need to work with people who know their stuff. Our family run establishment has excelled in this area for a very long time now. We go the extra distance to ensure that clients have access to the best possible products. Sometimes, this can be aluminium bar and plate in grade 5251. We have it in stock in various sizes.

One mechanism people often use for machining aluminium is the CNC router. The versatility of the machine enables it to withstand the demands of aluminium. But, to be successful here you have to adapt the procedure. Do this to accommodate all the characteristics. The following tips can help you to produce top tier parts far more easily.


To begin with, you will need to calculate the right speeds and feeds. Like most metals, the best combination for aluminium is more of a narrow range. This is when you compare to acrylics or wood. Cutting aluminium demands that you use a greater spindle speed. This is one that could push the external limits of your CNC machine. Feed rates that are not fast enough can lead to rubbing, which reduces the lifespan of tools. With feed rates that are too quick, they can overburden the mechanism, causing breakage.


You should also use carbide coated bits that have small diameters. Since there are greater RPMs when you are cutting aluminium, cobalt and high-speed steel probably won’t be right for the job. Carbide however is more rigid, making it the most appropriate choice. Quicker machining rates also demand more compact diameter bits. Carbide’s rigidity helps here too since it can defend against potential tool deflection.

Ordering aluminium bar and plate in grade 5251

At Brindley Metals, we make sure that we constantly supply top tier materials. In addition, we see to it that these are available for the most competitive prices. It does not stop there either. The delivery techniques we use are some of the quickest available to ensure clients get their products as soon as possible.

So, if you are after some aluminium bar and plate in grade 5251, we can certainly help. Speak to us today to learn more about our materials and for more tips about machining.

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