Dispelling some aluminium vs titanium myths

Often weight and strength are two of the most vital characteristics people look for in a material. There are lots of options here but the argument usually comes down to aluminium or titanium. Both have an array of alloys to choose from. So, which is better? As a leading metal supplier who offers a wide range of products, including aluminium bar and plate in grade 7075, we are here to help clear it up.

Ultralight metals

Titanium is usually the metal of choice for applications where low weight and high strength are vital. Grade 2 is one of the most popular options because it is easy to work with. There are other stronger grades, including grade 4 and alloys like grade 12. However, some of them can be harder to work.

Most people look at aluminium and titanium and say the latter is both lighter and stronger. However, 7075 aluminium with the T6 heat treatment can outperform the popular grade 2 titanium. It can weigh up to a third less and have both a higher strength to weight ratio and more tensile strength. Depending on the quality of the heat treatment, 7075-T6 can be 50% stronger.

In terms of density, aluminium tends to have an advantage. Titanium can be up to 50% denser, meaning it is typically the heavier of the top ultralight metals.

Environmental impact

Many businesses also look at the environmental impact of using different metals. The aim is to ensure that they are being as green as possible. The consensus is often that titanium is greener. However, it can actually use more embodied carbon during production and transportation. Aluminium can therefore be a better option for the environment. This is because it is easier to mine and manufacture.

Do you need aluminium bar and plate in grade 7075?

At Brindley Metals we appreciate the benefits that both aluminium and titanium can offer. That is why we include many grades and alloys of both in our range.

There are plenty of applications when one or the other of these metals will excel. So, you need to choose carefully to ensure you get exactly what you need. We can help you to make that decision. It is also worth looking at the benefits of heat treatment and annealing. They can change the characteristics of the metal, improving strength and more.

You can contact us if you have any questions or want to order either metal. We have aluminium bar and plate in grade 7075 in various sizes to cater for most needs. Plus, we can arrange services such as heat treatment.

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