Everything that makes 6AL4V titanium so attractive

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Explaining titanium

Stronger than certain steels but 45% lighter, twice the strength of aluminium but roughly 60% heavier; this is titanium. It is a silver-colour, lustrous metal. It comes with an extremely high level of corrosion resistance, even in chlorine and sea water. Also, it has the highest strength relative to its density if you compare to all other metals.

Titanium is available in pure grades but is also mixed with iron, aluminium, vanadium, molybdenum, and more to produce alloys. These alloys are tough and strong, corrosion resistant, can withstand extreme temperatures, and tend to be lightweight. 6AL4V titanium is the alloy that has the most uses, with many calling it the workhorse titanium. It is also known as grade 5.

This alloy gets its name because it features 6% aluminium as well as 4% vanadium. It also has 0.25% iron in addition to 0.2% oxygen. What’s left is titanium. People call it an alpha-beta alloy too. The reason for this is that it contains aluminium and vanadium. The former is an alpha stabiliser and the latter is a beta one.

Now, we will be diving deeper into the characteristics that make this alloy an attractive option to various industries.

Fabrication, weldability, and heat treating

Firstly, 6AL4V has the capacity to withstand very high temperatures, ones as high as 750ºF. You can easily fabricate and weld it too, something the automotive industry has taken a liking to. They use the metal for gear boxes, engine components, and more. Plus, there are lots of options for heat treatment so you can relive stress, improve stability and ductility, and maximise the strength. Let us know if you require 6AL4V titanium round bar and plate.


Grade 5 or 6AL4V titanium is also excellent in terms of how biocompatible it is. This is the reason why it has become a wonder alloy for the medical industry. What we mean is that it does not react with body fluids, surrounding bones, or tissues. It also aids with osseointegration. Porous structures created from such an alloy enable the adherence and vascularisation of the tissue to an implant. This speeds the recovery of patients that need to have knee transplants, hip replacements or rods or plate implants to help heal broken bones. The metal is also one of the best choices for prosthetics.

A Non-magnetic alloy

Another fact about 6AL4V titanium is that it is non-magnetic. This means that someone with an implant in their body can do scans like MRIs and X-rays safely. This alloy is utilised in surgical devices and equipment like drills scissors, clamps, forceps, and needles for this same reason.

6AL4V has proven its worth as an outstanding material that is suitable for applications in multiple industries. The level of use it gets in our daily lives is astounding. With technology continuing to advance, its use will only grow. We will likely come up with some new uses too.

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