Grade 2 titanium is very easy to weld

At Brindley Metals we work hard to ensure we stock high quality products in many different forms. This includes titanium round bar and plate in grade 2 and more. As a result, we are confident we can cater for almost any needs. This includes serving clients in various industries.

Of the four commercially pure grades of titanium, grade 2 is by far the most popular. It provides the perfect mix of characteristics, including good ductility, low weight, high strength, and great corrosion resistance. It is also quite easy to work with, suitable for cold, warm, and hot working.


Many people choose grade 2 titanium because it is easy to weld. This opens up the possibilities in terms of fabrication and what products you can create. Various types of welding will work here, including MIG and TIG (both of them use inert gas).

While the titanium is highly weldable, welders do need to take care here. They need to minimise the oxygen pickup in the weld area because it will cause embrittlement. A small amount of oxygen is fine but if there is too much it can interfere with the bonding, creating pores. As a result the weld can be brittle and lack strength. Ultimately that could lead to premature failure.

The challenge here is there can be a lot of oxygen simply in the air around the workpiece. As a result there can be a higher pickup than expected. The solution is to use an inert shielding gas. This is usually argon or helium, or a mix of the two. The noble gases are non reactive and can protect the weld zone, allowing a cleaner, higher quality weld.

The thing to keep in mind here is it is important to test the shielding gas before you weld. Pure argon is useful for welding aluminium and nonferrous metals. Pure helium is most common for automated welding rather than manual work. Mixing the two can help to improve the heat transfer properties.

A big advantage here is that generally you don’t need to worry about pre or post heating with your welding. This can save resources and reduce the time it takes to complete welds.

Speak to us if you want titanium round bar and plate in grade 2

Brindley Metals appreciates just how useful titanium is, whether it is grade 2, other pure grades, or specialist alloys. We supply many of them in lots of different forms so our clients can decide which is best for them. In addition, we can arrange things like heat treatment if a client needs it.

So, if you want titanium round bar and plate in grade 2 or several others, speak to us. We offer great prices and quality products. Plus, we work hard to make our service as friendly and consistent as possible. This is one of the reasons we have so many loyal clients.

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