Grade 310 – Heat resistant stainless steel

Heat resistance is an important factor for many applications. Exposure to extremely high temperatures can make a number of metals weaker. This could cause serious issues. The heat can also cause problems with corrosion in materials. One of the best things to use in these situations is grade 310 stainless steel bar or plate. It is a favourite metal for many reasons.


This type of steel has a really interesting chemical composition. It contains high levels of both chromium (24-26%) and nickel (19-22%). In addition, it can contain silicon, manganese, molybdenum, and copper. Like all steels, it will contain some carbon too. There is also a low-carbon variant of the alloy, 310S.

Resisting heat

Grade 310 stainless steel bar or plate is a top choice for applications where the environments will be very hot. The metal will retain its high strength and toughness at high operating temperatures. This could be a continuous temperature up to 1150 degrees Celsius. The steel also retains these characteristics in intermittent temperatures, up to 1035 degrees Celsius.

Hot corrosion

While the heat itself is a big issue, the corrosion it can cause is a worse concern in many cases. Most people think metals can only corrode when there is moisture. However, gaseous atoms in the atmosphere can also cause it. It could be oxides, sulphides, or carbides. They can cause the metal to corrode or cause scaling.

The great thing about grade 310 stainless steel is it has exception resistance to both oxidising and carburising. In addition, it can resist various other types of hot corrosion. The maximum dry air service temperature the metal can deal with is 1100 degrees Celsius. This makes it useful for many applications. However, it is important to keep in mind that sulphur and water will reduce the service temperature the metal can withstand.

Ordering grade 310 stainless steel bar

At Brindley Metals we work hard to give our clients access to high quality materials. We obtain them from reliable producers, including specialists in the UK, Europe, and the US. As a result, we give each client confidence they are choosing great metals.

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive service. That is why as well as stainless steel bar, we also supply materials in plate, sheet, block, and other forms. On top of this, we can provide services like polishing, heat treatment, and more. That means clients can rely on us for almost everything.

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