Grade 7 titanium for consumer, architectural, and medical applications

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Titanium is a silver metal that is inert, corrosion resistant, and robust. It is one of the most abundant elements existing in our planet’s crust. Instead of occurring in huge deposits, low quantities occur in nearly every rock. The metal is a versatile one that you can use in a wide variety of applications. Below are some of the best examples.

Common uses

Firstly, you will find titanium in various automotive projects. This includes motorcycle and car racing. Here, weight reduction is essential while preserving high rigidity and strength.

We use the metal in all sorts of sporting items too, like golf clubs, helmet grills, and lacrosse stick shafts. Another use for it would be in spectacle frames. In each of these cases the low weight and high strength is very important.

A metal for implants and implements

Multiple medical applications also use titanium for their own reasons. Due to its bio-compatible nature, people use it for surgical implants and implements. Examples include sockets and hip balls that can remain in position for as long as 20 years.

Something else titanium has is the inherent ability to osseointegrate. This allows us to use it in dental implants capable of staying in place for more than three decades. It also lets us use it in orthopaedic implant applications.

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