Grade 7 titanium is best for harsh environments

Harsh environments can cause lots of issues for different metals. For example, the presence of chemicals, moisture, high or low temperatures, salt, and many more elements can be harmful. Any one of them or a combination could be responsible for corrosion, loss of strength, and other problems. With that in mind you need to ensure you choose the right metals for products. Grade 7 titanium round bar and plate is one of the best options for many applications.

Superior corrosion resistance

The thing that makes this alloy of titanium stand out is its exceptional corrosion resistance. Pure titanium is really good at withstanding elements that would cause corrosion. However, the grade 7 alloy does even better because it includes palladium. It helps to enhance the resistance and also helps to improve the ductility.

Harsh applications

This alloy of titanium is great for all kinds of components that will be used in tough environments. For example, it is the go to for chemical processing equipment that will come in contact with reducing acids. The acid would damage many other metals but grade 7 can withstand them.

Interestingly this titanium is also the best choice for desalination products. There is a much bigger focus on this process today to address problems with fresh water supplies. Desalination can remove salt from seawater to make it safe for use. Grade 7 titanium is a good metal to use in these cases because it will not corrode due to the salinity.

The titanium is a popular option for control equipment for air pollution too. Yet again the high corrosion resistance helps it. Air pollution is a big problem all over the world, especially in big cities. In many locations local governments are trying to address the issue and make the air better. Without quality titanium, it would be harder to produce the equipment to do this.

Paper manufacturers also rely on grade 7 titanium for a number of components. It is a great choice for parts that need to deal with pulp. Plus, it can withstand the harsh bleaches that are used to wash paper and give it the final colour.

Ordering grade 7 titanium round bar and plate

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