Gun metal – An excellent alloy with numerous uses

It should not be hard to find a reliable supplier of metals in the UK. Whether this is titanium, aluminium, or another option we offer such as leaded gun metal LG2, our team can assist you. You can call on us regardless of the quantity you are searching for. If you require additional services like anodising, polishing, and grinding, we can provide them too.

As we work in the industry and have a lot of experience helping people with their needs, we know a great deal about different metals. For instance gun metal is also referred to as red brass. It is a type of Bronze which is an alloy of tin, copper, and zinc.

Why use an alloy?

There are a huge number of metals out there for people to use. However, despite their fantastic properties, they are not always perfect for the job at hand. A person will typically make an alloy because there isn’t one metal that has the specific properties they require for their needs.

When it comes to leaded gun metal alloys like LG2, the advantages of use make them perfect for a huge number of applications. For instance, you can enjoy the great strength when it comes to compression and tension, impact resistance, and more. It is possible to make consistent thin sections due to the castability of the material. Therefore, it is great for intricate parts. This is not even mentioning the electrical and thermal conductivity of the metal.

With this metal being so useful, it should come as no surprise it is perfect for a number of applications. It is commonly used for pressure tight needs, valve and pump components like bodies, gasoline and oil line fittings, as well as general engineering applications.

Choose Brindley when you need leaded gun metal LG2

We want people to know they can turn to us confident they will get a great level of service. As a result, we are more than happy to supply a wide number of metals so that whatever your need, you have access to quality materials. In fact, we are able to provide people with metals along with components such as handrails, tubes, and more.

Brindley Metals works with an array of clients and has the ability to meet various needs. So, if you ever need metals like leaded gun metal LG2, simply get in touch with us. We love the chance to speak with potential clients about our work and their applications. This includes answering questions about metals and their specifications.

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