Heat treatable grade 7075 aluminium

At Brindley Metals we work hard to deliver a great service every time. One of the things that help us do this is our extensive knowledge of different metals and their alloys. In addition, we have a wide selection of products. This includes many options for aluminium bar and plate, such as grade 7075. Clients can come to us for advice and to get easy access to high quality metals.

High strength

People usually choose to use 7075 aluminium because it is one of the strongest alloys. It has an excellent strength to weight ratio, meaning it can outperform many other materials.

While the untreated metal has impressive strength as standard, it becomes even better after heat treatment. The alloy responds well to solution annealing or standard annealing.

The first should be at 900 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours. A water quench should follow to cool and harden it.

If you choose to anneal the aluminium, it should be held at 775 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours. Then the metal requires a gentle controlled cool to bring it down to 500 Fahrenheit. This process should not cool the metal by more than 50 Fahrenheit an hour. The final stage of the cooling can be in air.

After annealing, the aluminium can undergo further processing. This could be either precipitation hardening or strengthening.

High stress parts

Because the grade 7075 aluminium plate and bar is so strong, it is the perfect material for high stress components. As a result, it is very popular for aerospace applications. In addition, it has lots of uses in the defence industry. People use the metal for structural needs, valves, gears, aircraft fittings, and fuse parts. It is also a common option for keys.

Do you want to order aluminium bar and plate?

Aluminium in general is a material that has good machinability. That is why there is always good demand for various alloys in an array of forms. We offer many of them, including bars in different diameters and plate in a variety of thicknesses.

Brindley Metals is a reliable supplier that can offer both quality and value for money. So, if you need aluminium bar and plate, especially grade 7075, we can help. Just get in touch with us to tell us more about your needs.

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