High-pressure turbine discs require materials with specific attributes

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A distinct class of metals

Nickel-based superalloys are a distinct class of metals. Here, you will find an excellent mixture of high temperature strength and toughness. In addition, there is high resistance to deterioration in oxidising or corrosive settings.

Such materials find various uses in power generation and turbines. Another application is rocket engines. They are also great for other challenging environments like chemical processing plants. Nuclear power plants apply too.

Process development and intensive alloy activities have led to alloys with very impressive attributes. They can endure average temperatures of 1050ºC. There are also runs to bigger temperatures. These are ones as high as 1200ºC. This is around 90% of the material’s melting point.

A leading application

One particular use for nickel-based superalloys is gas turbine engine disc components. This is for aircraft propulsion and power generation on land. Turbine engines produce severe environments for materials. This is because of the high stress levels and operating temperatures. Thus, some alloys for high-temperature turbine sections of the engines are highly optimised for the specific purpose. If you require alloy 90 nickel round bar, make sure you contact our team.

Component requirements

The numerous components in such a power generation system have unique requirements. For instance, the engine’s high pressure turbine area reaches the highest temperatures. So, the stress is often the highest. You need specialist nickel superalloy materials here, especially for blades and discs.

The operating temperatures for the rim areas of high-pressure turbine discs are another issue. They are a major challenge for design and materials engineers. This is because temperatures can approach 760ºC. They can even get to 815ºC in some applications. The turbine blades attach to a disc that then connects to the turbine shaft. All the materials here must be durable and able to withstand the conditions.

The characteristics necessary for aero engine discs differ if you compare to those of a turbine. This is because the metals experience lower temperatures. The discs have to resist fracture by fatigue.

Commercial pressures

The high temperature matter isn’t the only thing to note here. Materials for turbine applications are also guided by rising commercial pressures. There are a number of notable ones, such as demands for lower costs. Operators tend to want low maintenance and life cycle costs too.

For smaller acquisition costs, people tend to go for nickel alloys with greater processing yields. Many also seek alloys with lower cobalt.

For reduced life cycle costs, the solution is to use alloys with long service lives. Alloys with low crack growth rates and decent stability are desirable. These are also alloys that are easy to monitor and inspect.

Fuel emissions and efficiency are critical environmental and commercial drivers as well. They influence turbine engine materials.

In order to meet demands, contemporary nickel-based alloys come with an effective compromise. This is a trade-off between economics and performance.

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