High Purity Silver – Facts and Uses

There are many industrial uses for precious metals, whether it is gold, platinum, or high purity silver. The quality of the materials is vital here. At Brindley Metals we offer high quality fine silver in bars, blocks and thin foils on request. The purity level is 99.95%, so there are only insignificant trace amounts of other elements.


The one thing most people know about pure silver is that it is quite a soft metal. It is a little bit harder than gold, but is much softer than sterling silver. As a result it is very ductile and malleable. This means it is important to take care when you handle and work with it.

The great thing about high purity silver, and the key thing that makes it so good for industrial use, is its high electrical and thermal conductivity. It outperforms every other metal, making it the best choice for many uses.

In addition, the silver has very high reflectivity and good corrosion resistance. The latter is possible because of the fact it is a noble metal and can withstand oxidisation.

Because of the ductility, it is easy to work with pure silver. Cold working is possible but it will increase the resistivity.

Finally, the silver has great optical properties. For starters it has high and uniform reflectance. It is exceptional in visible and infra-red but not so good for near ultraviolet.


As we said above there are lots of industrial uses for fine silver. The high electrical conductivity makes it perfect for all kinds of components, including fuse links, capacitors and plating anodes.

The fact the silver has high thermal conductivity also makes it great for an array of other products. This includes films for thermally efficient glass.

It is also possible to anneal the silver in air and hydrogen. While it will disrupt the grain boundaries and increase the resistance, it does mean it is can increase ductility even more. That means it can suit even more uses.

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If you want to order this silver for industrial applications, Brindley Metals would be happy to supply you. We offer an array of options, including blocks, bars and foils. We only stock high quality silver, ensuring it will be fit for your needs.

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