How do I know if I have the right alloy?

Our family owned business is one that has worked hard over the years to provide first class metal products. We have the likes of grade 5251 aluminium bar and plate items, and many others. The merchandise we supply comes with competitive pricing. In addition, we have one of the fastest delivery services. In all, we are a great team to work with.

Aluminium is a metal that is famous for its excellent adaptability and considerable versatility. The applications you can use it for are very broad. Plus, the metal is a cost efficient option with the amount of durability it offers.

Deciding between alloys

The disadvantages of using it are very limited. One of the only cons of aluminium bars in particular is that people can find it challenging to locate the right grade for their needs. Despite this, even today, aluminium alloys continue to be cost efficient investments. You will even find the high-performing alloys very affordable. In this post, we aim to explain the features of the different alloys you may encounter. Once we are done, you should be in a better position to choose the right one.

Alloy 5251

This aluminium alloy is a medium strength one. It has decent ductility, resulting in wonderful formability. Something else it is famous for is work hardening quickly, so you need to take care with it. On top of that, it is readily weldable. It also has a wonderful level of corrosion resistance, especially with marine environments.

In terms of specific applications, you can use it for panelling and pressings, boats, furniture tubing, silos, and containers. So, contact our team if you need grade 5251 aluminium bar and plate items.

Alloy 6016

This grade is one of the most popular ones. You can forge it into round, flat, square, and hex bars. With the alloying composition, it includes silicon and magnesium. Both additions amplify the corrosion resistance. Alloy 6061 is also easily machinable. You can cold form or hot roll it with ease.

Alloy 7075

This aluminium grade utilises zinc as its main alloying component. You can temper it to influence its mechanical abilities, improving the strength. It also has great corrosion resistance and a really good strength to weight ratio. If structural applications are on your mind, this is the one to use.

Alloy 2024

This is an alloy that is primarily aluminium and copper. It is an interesting option, possessing an excellent strength to weight ratio and great resistance to fatigue. However, there are some drawbacks. You can only weld it with FRW (friction) and it has poor corrosion resistance. But, it is possible to overcome the latter with cladding.

Alloy 6063

This is a silicon and magnesium based alloy. Its tensile strength is impressive and the corrosion resistance is adequate. If you use alloy 6063, you can expect smooth finishes on your surfaces. You will find that this is the case even with complex shapes.

Ordering grade 5251 aluminium bar and plate and other options

By now, you should have all the details you need on aluminium and these useful alloys. With this information, you will be able to select the right bars for your projects. You can also ask Brindley Metals for tips and advice if you need any more help.

As specialists in our field, you can count on us to supply a wide collection of services and products. This includes grade 5251 aluminium bar and plate in a range of sizes as well as other aluminium alloys, brass, stainless steel, and silver. So, if anything here interests you, feel free to call or email us anytime.

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