How titanium’s features help it in the construction industry

Brindley Metals has over a hundred years of history in metal supply. We have a reputation for being extremely reliable, whether you need specialist materials or a large order of common resources. For example, you can come to us if you need grade 2 titanium round bar and plate. We will arrange everything with you and then deliver quickly for a great price.

During the late 1700s, British scientists found titanium within ore deposits. Since then, it has seen extensive use in many of the fields of our national economy. It plays a substantial role here, including in construction, transport, and more.

As time has passed, the expectations from people for urban constructs have become progressively more stringent. This is especially true in terms of the aesthetics. As the same time, the construction industry is in a state of constant evolution. Because of this, architects tend to favour using more cutting edge materials. Titanium is a favourite here and has use across the whole industry.

It is all in the performance

The reason why it is so popular is its performance. Firstly, the metal is lightweight, easy to process, and has high strength. Specific strength would be the calculation of material strength per unit volume mass. It is a critical performance indicator for structural substances. The high specific strength of the titanium translates to its high strength and light weight, making it great for construction use.

Titanium has a mass density of 4.51/cm³, a figure that is roughly half of copper and steel. However, the metal’s specific strength is far greater than these two.

As a building material, titanium has the ability to lower the weight of a property by 70 to 75%. Moreover, it is simple to hoist, and you can lower the building’s centre of gravity. This shall amplify the seismic resistance. While there isn’t a big risk of earthquakes in the UK, it is still important to ensure stability.


Another area where the metal performs well is with corrosion. Titanium has an outstanding level of resistance to all sorts of chemicals. This is especially true for neutral and oxidising media.

Titanium’s corrosion resistance in seawater is substantially higher than aluminium alloys. It also outperforms stainless steel. This is because the metal forms a dense oxide film on the exterior. Therefore, it is the perfect roofing material for coastal buildings. You don’t need to maintain it regularly and it can last up to a hundred years. Contact our team if you desire grade 2 titanium round bar and plate for your projects.

Ornamental uses

This metal also works well in the ornamental sense. At room temperature, titanium looks metallic and is silver-grey. You are also able to colour the surface via anodising. Your colour is going to change too depending on the oxide film’s thickness. Plus you can etch the metal to get different patterns or textures. As a result, titanium is an extremely good option for external wall decoration.

Environmental performance

This is exceptional too. Because of titanium’s corrosion resistance, it does not generate byproducts. So, there aren’t any hazardous materials capable of polluting the environment. Meanwhile, titanium isn’t going to deteriorate while you use it. It is also 100% recyclable.

As you can see, titanium is able to satisfy an extensive list of environmental regulations. In response, some refer to it as a green material.

Service life

Lastly, titanium has a fantastic service life. As we said, people use the metal as a decorative and structural material in construction. It is able to withstand corrosion without repairs or maintenance for many years. Looking at it from this point of view, it easily surpasses other metals. This advantage is highlighted in corrosive settings like industrial areas and coastal areas. It has a better long term cost performance if you compare to stainless steel.

We supply the finest grade 2 titanium round bar and plate

Brindley Metals is an excellent supplier of titanium metal products. We have a very broad collection, including common pure grades and alloys. That means clients can shop with us for materials to suit a huge array of needs. Plus, we can offer advice and more.

The grade 2 titanium round bar and plate items we stock have proven to be especially useful. With this grade in particular, you are getting the ideal blend of weldability, ductility, and strength. It is a great choice for construction use.

So, if you are thinking of using titanium for your projects, please let us know. We can even arrange machining and other processing if you need it.

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