Instructions on working on nickel alloy 80A

As one of the UK’s top metal suppliers, we make it a point to only supply high calibre materials. Our nickel alloy round bar products fall into this category, including the forms of alloy 80A we offer. Of course, offering the best merchandise is only part of the experience. We also provide a stellar level of customer service and rapid delivery.

Alloy 80A is a nickel chromium mix. It comes with notable age hardening characteristics. There is also an addition of aluminium and titanium to improve the characteristics. These help to give it a decent level of corrosion resistance. Plus the metal has creep rupture and high tensile characteristics. Its oxidation resistance is rather impressive too.

This high strength nickel is one you can heat treat and cool in air to create the results you want. With the annealing, perform it at 1040ºC. Next, follow up with air cooling or water quenching for the alloy. Make sure you do this evenly so you get even hardness.

What you need to do with alloy 80A

When working on this metal, there are certain instructions you need to follow. For hot working, you should know that it is possible to do it between temperatures of 1050ºC to 1200ºC.

For forging, you can forge the alloy within its allowable hot working temperature. This is followed by heat treatment to produce blocks, discs, rings, and forgings.

It is possible to cold work the nickel alloy using regular tools. High speed and alloy tool steels provide great results.

Finally, for welding, a nickel alloy 80A sheet can be readily joined by one of the resistance welding processes. It is preferable to weld on solution treated materials.

Stocking nickel alloy round bar

At Brindley Metals, our family owned business has worked as hard as it possibly can to deliver reliable products. Today we have a great reputation for offering reliable services and first rate metals.

You can contact us whenever you need the best nickel alloy round bar, whether it is alloy 80A products or other forms you need. We can help supply various sizes and also arrange additional services if you require them.

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