It’s all about the strength with grade 7075

Our family owned business has worked long and hard over the years to provide its customers with the best products. This includes grade 7075 aluminium bar and plate, and many other alloys of various metals. The reputation we have in the UK is one of quality and reliability. Not to mention, we are very friendly and always happy to offer advice.

In the aerospace industry, one of the most common alloys is 7075 aluminium. Zinc is its main alloying element. With this, it is considerably strong. A part of the 7000 series, it ranks among the strongest alloys you can choose. Because of this, it is is a good choice for high stress applications. However, it is important to keep in mind that it does not have the highest corrosion resistance. If this is a worry, you may need a different alloy.

Comparing 7075 and 2024 aluminium

Now that we know more about this alloy, let’s compare it to another well known option. In this case, it will be grade 2024.

Similar to 7075, people often use 2024 in aerospace projects. It is useful for fuselages and aircraft wings. The alloy is more suitable for uses where you require high cyclic fatigue resistance.

As for 7075 aluminium, it is better for high strain/stress resistance uses. Also, 2024 has superior workability while 7075 performs better in terms of corrosion resistance.

Overall, the most important characteristic of 7075 aluminium is its strength to weight ratio. It may lack in other areas. However, its strain and stress resistance and lower density make it a very good metal for aerospace applications.

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