It’s titanium grade 5 vs grade 2

Our family business has spent generations supplying first rate metals. One of our most popular is titanium round bar and plate grade 5. We want everyone to benefit from our services. Therefore, we provide the most competitive prices and as much support as we can. Plus, we can arrange lots of solutions like metal cutting and finishing.

Grade 5 titanium sees the most use out of all of the metal’s alloys. Normally, it is in an annealed condition. It is also readily heat treatable to improve the strength. This can be useful for a huge array of applications. Being a general purpose alloy, it has numerous desirable attributes at temperatures around -210ºC to 400ºC.

This grade is what is known as an alpha-beta alloy. What this means is you can heat treat it to provide it with medium to high strength. This is in sections under 100mm thick. But, there are some limits to the hardenability; any sections over 25mm can’t completely develop the hardness. However, grade 5 has decent hot formability and weldability.

How does grade 2 compare?

Many people wonder how this alloy compares to grade 2. The latter is the best option for some uses because of its outstanding corrosion resistance in some environments. The list includes high temperature seawater, concentrations of acetic acid, and ferric chloride. However, there are conditions that can affect its attributes considerably. This includes flow velocity, pH level, and temperature. The metal could become vulnerable to crevice corrosion, cracking, and stress corrosion.

If you compare to grade 5, people tend to use 2 where formability and aqueous corrosion resistance are vital. It is the best option here, so is common for things like marine products.

Do you need titanium bar and plate grade 5?

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