Naval Brass – The benefits of CZ112

Marine construction is a very challenging industry for many reasons. For example the seawater and air can cause fast corrosion in many materials. There are also the risks of working on, above or under water. A material you will see very often in this industry is naval brass. It is the classic choice thanks to the high strength and resistance to corrosion. At Brindley Metals we stock it in bar and plate, offering various grades including CZ112.


Like most brasses, this alloy is primarily a mix of copper and zinc. However, what makes it different is the addition of tin. This is usually around 1% of the alloy. Then there is usually 60% copper and 39% zinc. There may even be a small amount of lead, generally as little as 0.2% but perhaps up to 0.6%.


The most important thing for any materials used in marine construction is the corrosion resistance. The salt water and air can damage materials very quickly, causing them to rust and weaken. With that in mind it is important to select a material that can resist it. Brass in general is good for this. However naval brass and CZ112 in particular are better because of the tin in the alloy. This means even more corrosion resistance and protection against dezincification.

Another big benefit of this type of brass is the higher strength. The tin also helps to make the duplex structure harder and stronger, making it better than other brasses. If even more strength is necessary the alloy has excellent hot formability.

Naval brass also offers great mechanical properties to make it even more useful. For example it responds well to soldering and brazing. You can use various fabrication processes on it too. This includes drawing and bending.


As the name suggests, naval brass is one of the best materials for marine construction. Manufacturers use it to create a huge array of products. This includes essential hardware such as propeller shafts. It is also useful for various fixtures and fittings. The colour even makes it a popular choice for decorative pieces.

CZ112 is useful for creating all of the items we spoke of above. It is also a good choice for things like heat exchanger components and machined parts. The high strength and corrosion resistance make it useful for subsea use too.

Order naval brass (CZ112) bar and plate

At Brindley Metals we stock a range of high quality materials so clients can order everything they need from us. Our selection is broad and includes various types of speciality brass, including CZ112. We offer naval brass in bar and plate, supplying different thicknesses to cater for various needs.

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