Nickel Chromium Alloy 80A – Characteristics and uses

Brindley Metals works hard to stock a great range of specialist alloys. Our collection is broad and includes Nickel Chromium Alloy 80A. We supply the raw material in solid and hollow bars as well as plate. In addition, we can offer machined parts and fittings. We are confident we have the materials to cater for your needs.

Alloy 80A characteristics

This alloy is primarily nickel and chromium; the composition is 75% Ni and 20% Cr. However, it also contains some notable other elements. For example it has titanium (2.2%) and aluminium (1.4%). The rest of the alloy is iron. The combination of elements gives 80A a good mix of properties.

Firstly, the alloy is excellent when it come to corrosion and scaling resistance. The high chromium content means an oxide film forms on the surface. This layer protects the metal against corrosion in atmospheres that cause rapid oxidisation. Even if temperatures fluctuate between periods of heating and cooling, the metal won’t corrode. The surface will also be safe from scaling at high temperatures.

Secondly, Alloy 80A has high machinability and weldability. This makes it a very useful alloy that is great for a wide array of uses.

In addition, the alloy has very high mechanical properties after aging. For example it has high tensile strength and is very resistant to creep, even at temperatures up to 815ยบC. The latter means there is high rupture resistance.


There are lots of common uses for this nickel chromium alloy. For starters it is popular for various aerospace parts, including blades for turbines and fasteners. The characteristics also make this a good metal for high stress components for power generation such as bolts and parts for gas turbines. On top of this, it is great for valves and high temperature springs.

Order Alloy 80A nickel chromium today

If this fantastic metal ticks the right boxes for you, we can supply it. We have a broad range of options. This includes a choice of diameters of solid and hollow bar. There are a number of choices for wall thickness with the latter. The selection for plate is also very wide.

You can contact us today to talk about materials and get advice. We strive to offer the highest quality Alloy 80A nickel chromium and a great service. So, rely on us whatever project you have in mind.

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