Now offering titanium foils – Grade 1 & 2

At Brindley Metals we regularly add new ranges to our selection to ensure we can cater for as many requests as possible. The newest addition is titanium foils in Grade 1 & 2. They are available in a variety of thickness, starting from 0.1mm. We can even arrange thinner foil on request. The widths can be to any customer requirements.

What is it?

Titanium foil is an incredibly thin piece of metal. Manufacturers will start off with a thicker sheet or plate and use rollers to reduce the size until they achieve a foil with the right thickness. It can be a very energy intensive process to make the foils, but skilful manufacturers can achieve a very tight tolerance.

The foils we now stock are Grade 1 & 2. These are highly ductile commercially pure titanium grades, making them the best option for foil. Other grades with lower ductility are much harder to work with.


There are many interesting applications for titanium foils, especially Grades 1 & 2. For example, they have many uses in the aerospace and automotive industries because they are very light and thin, but still incredibly strong and durable. That means they have advantages over aluminium and steel.

The low weight and durability also make the foils great for things like camping gear and windscreens. The foil can withstand tough conditions and offer excellent performance. The lack of flexibility means it should hold its shape very well too.

Titanium foil is also used in hydrogen electrolyzer production. Electrolysis creates hydrogen gas and oxygen. The first of these can be compressed or liquefied and then used as a power source. This is a very clean, green method of energy production with zero emissions.


One of the best things about titanium foil is it is highly workable because it is so thin. This makes it easier to cut and form to suit different needs. In fact, Grade 2 is the best for cold working. In many cases you will be able to cut it without needing expensive tooling. The foil is also weldable or you can use staples to join it.

Waterjet cutting

If you need to cut the foil into complex profiles or having drawings with tight tolerances, waterjet cutting is a great option. It is effective and can provide square, clean edge cuts. We can arrange this service for the foils we offer.

Ordering titanium foils in Grade 1 & 2

If you want to use high quality foil for any kind of project, we can supply it for you. So, contact us today to discuss your needs and to place an order.

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