Overcoming the difficulties of titanium

We work to provide clients with metal products they can rely on. In addition, our team can help you in a myriad of other areas. One of them happens to be titanium alloy machining. Expect us to arrange to machine specialist components that will meet your expectations. There is no project too demanding for us.

People use titanium in a plethora of applications due to all of its positive characteristics. One thing to note about the metal though is that it is hard to machine. Therefore, you need to be careful when working on it. It is necessary to consider each part of the machining procedure when you are dealing with titanium.

Climb milling

One strategy you can use here is climb milling. It is a handy approach people utilise to keep the chips in check. In standard milling, the chips coming from your tool begin thin. As time passes, they evolve to bigger widths. Such a thin-to-thick approach introduces more heat to your piece. It also increases strain hardening. There is more rubbing too, which might deteriorate the tool quicker.

If you use climb milling, the chip width begins high and then lowers. Here, there is more chance of the heat transferring to the chip rather than the workpiece. Not to mention, it pulls chips behind the cutter and produces a cleaner shear. This is much better when you are dealing with titanium.

Reduce chatter

Something else you should do here is cut on a stable surface. The metal is vulnerable to chattering. This is due to the high forces you need for cutting and the metal’s flexibility. One way you can enhance stability is by utilising a bigger core diameter end mill. Additionally, you will want to keep the titanium machining speeds and feeds consistent. Keep the tool moving steadily as well.

Let us arrange titanium alloy machining for you

The Brindley Metals team and every specialist we work with commits to achieving the highest possible standards. This is true regardless of the metal or service we are providing. As such, you can expect first class results with us.

So, if you require assistance with sourcing metals or titanium alloy machining work, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can give you quotes, advice, and more.

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