Overcoming the tough titanium machining demands

Brindley Metals is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of metal products. Throughout the years, we have built our reputation on being reliable with our products and swift with delivery. In addition to supplying metals though, we excel at arranging a number of processing services. This includes stellar titanium alloy machining and much more.

Titanium is among the lightest metallic elements on the periodic table. It is also one of the most important. Without such a high strength, durable substance, the world we live in would be much different. Airlines would be asking for more money, dental implants and hip joints would not last, and you would need to paint houses more often.

However, there is a drawback. The thing to keep in mind is that it can be tricky to machine titanium. It has material properties and metallurgic attributes that influence cutting more than other metals. But, you can be successful with the right tools and applications. The tips below could help you to succeed here.

Pushing heat into the chip

One thing you should do is push the heat into the chip; this could prolong the tool life. Titanium can conduct heat at roughly a quarter of iron. When you machine it, the lacklustre thermal conductivity traps heat in the work zone. This can cause big problems for the tooling. If a machine set up can endure the extra load, think about improving the feed rate. This will push some of the heat generation into the tip, making the tools last longer.


Be strategic too. Prior to machining any titanium, plan and optimise your machining operations. For example, you should inspect the part features. You should take special consideration for hard to reach parts, thin and tall walls, and unsupported areas.

Talk to us about titanium alloy machining

At Brindley Metals, we provide the highest quality metals and services for competitive prices. In addition, we always have team members available to provide professional knowledge and advice on our work. This can be really beneficial for our clients.

So, if you require metals or want to arrange anything like titanium alloy machining, we are the people you should call. We do many of the services ourselves and outsource others to experts we trust. As a result, we can give each client the assurance they will get the best service.

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