Phosphor Bronze Cast and Hollow Bar – A quick overview

While the name may confuse some, phosphor bronze is actually an alloy of copper. It is a fantastic material. The copper makes it very workable. However, the addition of tin makes the alloy stronger and more resistant to corrosion. Adding phosphor then increases the wear resistance. The end result is an alloy that is great for many different needs. You can buy the metal in various forms, including sheets and plates. However, some of the most popular are phosphor bronze cast and hollow bar.


There are a number of different grades of this material to choose from. It is a good idea to choose the right one so your products have the right properties. The most common grades are:

PB1 – continuously cast and great for heavy load applications. It has high mechanical strength as well as good corrosion and wear resistance.

PB2 – continuously cast but with higher tin and lower phosphor content than PB1. The material is high suitable for high loads as well as high impact loading and sliding velocity.

PB102 – a wrought grade that has good wear and corrosion resistance, mechanical strength and hardness. It has good weldability and spring properties.


There are a lot of different uses for phosphor bronze cast and hollow bar. The most common use is electrical applications. However, it is also good for things like welding rods, springs and fasteners. In addition, it is good for decorative applications such as railings and even some furnishings.


At Brindley Metals we are proud to offer cast and hollow bar in a range of sizes. For example there are stock dimensions as well as custom OD, ID and wall thickness. The bars are centrifugally cast to ensure they are the highest quality and consistent.

Order phosphor bronze cast and hollow bar

If you need help choosing products, simply get in touch with us. We are happy to provide advice and will ensure you know a great deal about the metals before you place your order. We can discuss properties, uses, and even recommend grades if you are unsure which you need.

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