Silver’s uses in industry and consumer electronics

When people are producing electronic components, they often need high purity silver. We have this product to order for those who are working on these projects. It comes available in blocks and bars to suit various needs. In addition, we have a grade purity of 99.95%. It is a material that needs care but one that will serve you well.

Industrial use

In industry, the top use of silver is for electronics. The material’s supreme electrical and thermal conductivity over its peers means you can’t replace it easily. Less expensive materials often won’t do.

For instance, small amounts of silver are in contacts inside electronic switches. When the contacts join, the switch is on and vice versa. Automobiles are full of these contacts to manage the electrical features. You can find silver in industrial strength switches as well.

The consumer side of things

Consumer electronics also have their uses for pure silver. If you have a plasma TV, it might depend on it. It uses the metal for more than just its switches though. There may be a silver electrode to offer users a high grade image. Light emitting diodes employ these electrodes as well. They create an energy efficient, low-level light. The CDs and DVDs you own are likely to have a thin silver layer for recording.

Another of silver’s electronic applications would be within the batteries that use silver sync alloys or silver oxide. These high capacity, lightweight batteries work better at higher temperatures. This is when you compare to other models. People use silver oxide in button batteries as well. They power watches and cameras. Silver zinc batteries provide people with an alternative to lithium ones for electric cars and laptops.

Ordering high purity silver

At Brindley Metals, we supply this silver in various forms. For example, we have it in very thin foil forms as well as the bars and blocks. The foils are useful for pressed components. Furthermore, our products have proven their use in aerospace and satellite parts.

If you require any high purity silver, please get in touch with us. We can help you to place your order and answer any questions you may have.

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