Solenoid Quality Stainless Steel – Grade 430FR

The key to creating great solenoids is to use the right material. It must be able to cope with the electricity and impacts. Solenoid Quality Stainless Steel, Grade 430FR (or 1.4105 IL), is one of the best materials you can choose. It has excellent characteristics and is also free machining, making it a very versatile material.

Chemical composition

430FR stainless steel is a very unique alloy that contains a number of different elements. It has high corrosion resistance, high electrical resistance, and is great for cold working. In addition it can be forged and annealed if either is necessary.

What stands out the most is the high silicon content (1.2600%). This provides several benefits, including increasing the hardness (180-184) and magnetic characteristics. It also decreases how much the steel will deform if it suffers an impact.

The second notable element in the alloy is a high amount of chromium (17.5400%). Again this provides several benefits, including an increase in corrosion resistance and coercivity, as well as a huge drop in saturation. This makes the stainless steel much better than core or silicon iron.

In addition 430FR contains 0.283% sulphur. This increases the machinability of the alloy. However it also means it does not respond to heat treatment and is not ideal for welding.

Other elements in the alloy include:

  • Carbon (C) – 0.0140%
  • Manganese (Mn) – 0.7600%
  • Phosphorus (P) – 0.0190%
  • Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.2700%


As its name suggests solenoid quality stainless steel, grade 430FR, is perfect for creating different types of solenoids. In fact it is the most popular material for this application because it has better electrical resistivity and hardness than 430F stainless steel. The rods are perfect for inner shaft and linear solenoids.

Order solenoid quality stainless steel – grade 430FR

At Brindley Metals we offer high quality 430FR stainless steel bars. Each bar is three metres long and 100% Eddy current tested class 3. We manufacture them to Din standard (EN10088-3) so they are fit for general purposes. There are three surface finishing options, including annealed, ground, and polished. You can also choose from three different stock diameters; 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, and 25mm.

If you want to order from us today please get in touch. Either call us at 01938 559392 or email There is also a contact form on our website.

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