Stabilising stainless steel with titanium

There are a number of metals and alloys you can choose if you need good corrosion resistance. At Brindley Metals we stock a number of them in various forms. This includes Grade 321 stainless steel bar as well as alloys of aluminium and more. Our goal is to offer quality products and a comprehensive range of services. This way we can support a huge number of clients.

What is special about Grade 321?

Most people know that stainless steel alloys are generally a mix of iron, chromium, and nickel. However, there are some that have other useful additions. For example, there are some that include molybdenum to improve pitting resistance and others with aluminium for oxidation resistance.

Grade 321 stainless steel stands out because it has titanium in the alloy. This can be as high as 0.7%. The inclusion is to stabilise the metal and reduce or completely prevent carbide precipitation. As a result, the alloy is suitable for use at temperatures between 427 – 816°C. It also gives it more protection during welding and means there is no need to do annealing afterwards.

There is also a slightly different alloy, 321H. This has higher carbon content, generally up to 0.1% rather than a max of 0.08%. The extra carbon helps to enhance the creep resistance. It also ensures the steel will retain its strength at temperatures over 537°C.


There are a number of common uses for this kind of stainless steel. As you would expect, many of them are for uses within the temperature ranges we mentioned above. This includes things like chemical processing, food processing equipment, waste treatment, and petroleum refining.

The metal is also good for expansion joints and aerospace use. An example of the latter is piston engine manifolds.

Your source of Grade 321 stainless steel bar

Brindley Metals is very proud of our ability to cater for so many different needs. Clients from a huge array of different industries can come to us to find the materials and services they need. We work to give them the best service every time as well as delivering quality metals.

So, if you want to order Grade 321 stainless steel bar, you can get it from us. All you need to do is get in touch and we can discuss the lengths you need and the volume.

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