Successfully machining a difficult metal

We have spent many years providing clients with a wide variety of metals. Since our founding, we have expanded our services several times. These days, you can also find us offering things like nickel alloy machining. With services like these, we are able to give clients a more convenient solution.

Nickel is difficult to machine when you lack the proper tools or techniques. However, machining it and its alloys can provide you with an array of unique benefits. This is when you do it properly. Lets discuss some of the machining tips we have; they can help you to get the best results.


We will begin with the drilling factors. When operating CNC machines, if you are utilising insert drills, it is preferable to choose the same speeds. This is when turning, boring, or facing any particular nickel alloy. Another recommendation is for feed rates to be around .002 per revolution.

Cobalt drills should be the go-to option when employing twist drill bits. On the other hand, high speed steel drills can work. They are best at steadier and slower speeds though. One last option, in certain applications, would be solid carbide drills.

Lubricants and coolants

The next thing we would like to talk about is the use of lubricants and coolants. One huge cause of warping with nickel is heat build-up. Therefore, you need to use the right lubricant or coolant to tackle it.

What you need to do is find out what works well in your particular situation. A careful trial process is common here. In heavy drilling and tapping situations, a light viscosity and heavy duty petroleum oil might suffice. For engine latches and CNC machine equipment, water miscible vegetable oil based fluids are useful.

We can arrange nickel alloy machining for you

At Brindley Metals, our team commits to delivering the highest levels of service when it comes to supplying metal and arranging other services. We are constantly tasked with supplying specialist components to order. When we are, we go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of our clients.

So, if you would like us to assist you in any way, whether with nickel alloy machining or anything else, get in touch with us. We offer great standards and as much value for money as we can.

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