The cold spraying process for aluminium repair

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A very effective repair process

There are many reasons why people like using aluminium alloys. A main one is that there are efficient processes for repairing them. The one we want to focus on is cold spraying. This is a technique that can prolong the lifespan of high calibre parts. As a result, it is a great investment.

Aluminium is very durable, but metals are still vulnerable to damage and wear. A recent development, cold spaying allows users to repair and safeguard their metal products and parts. It is handy for crucial components that would need replacing otherwise. Not to mention, it has many benefits over practices like welding.

This technique is a material deposition procedure. It works by accelerating solid powders in a supersonic gas jet. It has velocities as great as 1200 m/s. You can make these powders with different materials, such as composites, ceramics, and polymers. They also range from 1 to 50 micrometers in diameter. When the powder hits the surface at great speeds, it attains plastic deformation. This causes it to stick.

The cold spraying is based on adiabatic shear instability. During impact, a strong pressure field occurs with the substrate and particle at the contact point. This turns into a shear load. What happens is the substance will accelerate laterally. It does so under localised shear strain.


This process has proven itself to be highly efficient when you compare to thermal spray practices. It has a number of benefits as well.

Since it does not use heat, the initial chemical and physical attributes of the particles are preserved. What this means is that there is a cold worked microstructure of coatings with no solidification or melting. Due to that fact, you can use cold spraying with thermally sensitive substances. In addition, it is suitable for an array of material combinations. This is because the adhesion is mechanical in nature.

The coating you end up with here will have high electrical and thermal conductivity. What’s more, it will have good hardness and high density, with low shrinking and some wonderful homogeneity. The powder substances you use could be incredibly small. Nanomaterials can also be an option here.

This process is also effective because it does not require a huge amount of surface prep. That can save on costs and the lead time.

During the process, you will experience low levels of energy consumption too. Thanks to the high power feed rate, this technique has high efficiencies, deposition rates, and productivity.

Plus, it is possible for you to gather and reuse all of the left over particles. You can do so without any combustion or toxic waste.

Finally, there are no high temperature gas jets or radiation. So, the operational safety is better if you compare to other methods.

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