The finer qualities of LG2

We are a company that exists to supply our customers with a wide array of metal products. This includes leaded gun metal LG2. Throughout the years, we have put a great deal of effort into becoming one of the most reliable suppliers of these materials. As a result, you can expect a high quality service when you choose to do business with us.

What is LG2?

It is a general purpose leaded gun metal designed to adhere to the demands of BS1400-1985 and later standards such as BS EN 1982:2017. Due to the high lead content, the machining qualities of this alloy are fantastic. Its strength is also adequate. What’s more, there is decent pressure tightness and it is not vulnerable to dezincification.

LG2 leaded gun metal comes with a marvellous resistance to superheated steam applications as well. There is also an acceptable level of corrosion resistance to brine and seawater. Due to this, it is ideal for general engineering applications, fittings, and pump impellers. You can also use the material for valve and pressure-tight pump controllers.

It is bronze

One of the most important things to realise about leaded gun metal in general is that it is bronze. To be specific, it is in the group of bronzes. It comes with a lovely browny-gold colour.

The LG2 designation includes zinc, tin, lead, and copper. It is one of the most common substances to utilise for standard boat fittings. This is because it takes to polishing, machining, and casting extremely well.

In foundry terms, polishing simply means that the item gets sanded down. To do this, you use progressively finer polishing and abrasive belts until you end up with a shiny and mirror smooth finish. This happens after the item gets knocked from a sand mould.

Ordering Leaded gun metal LG2

At Brindley Metals, we like to keep things friendly here in addition to being efficient. This means that we can provide a great service from start to finish.

If you have questions for us, we will be more than willing to answer them. As specialists in leaded gun metal LG2 and other materials, you can fully rely on our knowledge and experience. So, get in touch today if you require anything from us.

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