The interesting details surrounding naval brass

We are here to ensure that everyone receives metal products capable of meeting their needs. This has been the way we do things for a very long time. With our assistance, it is easy to get your hands on naval brass CZ112 and many other useful materials. They are available for some highly competitive prices and also come in various forms. This includes bar and plate.

The people who have used brass previously shall inform you of how durable, strong, and malleable it is. Primarily, the metal is an alloy of zinc and copper. At times though, people add minor amounts of tin and other metals. They do this to enhance the properties. The copper to tin ratio differs depending on the application of the metal. For copper, the composition ranges from 55 to 90%. As for zinc, it is 10 to 45%.


With naval brass, the ideal ratio is roughly 1% tin, 40% zinc, and 59% copper. There are trace amounts of lead too. Thanks to the composition, we categorise this brass under the subfamily Alpha Beta. Sometimes, it is Duplex Brasses. These are harder and stronger than other brass groups. This is especially the case when tackling saltwater. As a result, they are ideal for sea vessels.

Now that we know more about the material, it is time to dive a little deeper into its applications. For one thing, you can use the brass in hardware applications on marine constructs. Rigs and boats are great examples. There are additional uses as well. Thanks to its incredible wear resistance, the brass is ideal for use as fasteners in brushings. You can use them for valve stem jobs and as wear strip too.

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At Brindley Metals, we source all of our materials from the world’s most reputable producers. With all of our goods, we perform a complete mechanical and chemical check. We can also provide a certificate of conformity if the client needs it.

If you are currently after naval brass CZ112 merchandise, please let us know. We can offer plate and bar in various sizes so we can cater for various needs.

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