The popularity of EU produced titanium grade 5 (6AL4V)

We are a family run business that is here to supply its clients with a wide range of metal products. This includes EU produced titanium grade 5 (6AL4V). In addition to providing top quality metals, we also offer our customers expert advice.

The thing about titanium is that there are many alloys to choose from, each with its own properties. As well as pure titanium, you could opt for an alloy that includes various other metals. Usually, you break titanium up into four groups:

  • Beta structure
  • Alpha beta structure
  • Alpha structure
  • Unalloyed

Since their characteristics are all distinct, they serve the needs of a wide array of industries and applications. You need to choose the right one for your job.

The most common alloy

Of all the different alloys, titanium grade 5 is by far the most popular. It is an alpha-beta alloy. It includes trace amounts of iron, 4% vanadium, and 6% aluminium. In addition, people refer to this alloy as 6AL4V.

There are all sorts of reasons why people use this grade so much. Its considerable strength is one reason. You will find it to be far stronger than pure variants. However, it still retains the thermal attributes and stiffness that comes with them. Moreover, it is a heat-treatable grade. This makes it ideal for manufacturing. Knowing all of this, it is easy to see why this grade has become a favourite.

Titanium grade 5 comes with the capacity to endure many environmental factors too. Seawater is a great example. As for temperatures, expect it to withstand those up to almost 800ºF. Other benefits would be decent fatigue resistance, low modulus of elasticity, and low thermal expansion.

Order EU produced titanium grade 5 (6AL4V)

At Brindley Metals, we supply EU produced titanium grade 5 (6AL4V) that meets the AMS 4928 With Eli International Standard. As a result the metal is fit for various uses, including medical applications.

Ours is a comprehensive service. In other words, we do more in addition to . Our team can also take part in all the aspects of metal treatments, such as polishing and grinding.

If you need our help at all, please let us know. We offer excellent services and also work very hard to make sure every customer is happy.

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