The processes of broaching and shaping

We excel at providing metals and metal products to clients across the UK. This is not the full extent of our services however. Another area we specialise in is processing. We can offer several solutions and arrange even more with other experts. One area where we always provide great standards is nickel alloy machining. Our team is as reliable as they come so you can rely on us for any needs.

When it comes to manufacturing, many people consider machining to be the broadest metal shaping procedure. The question of course is how it all works. Here, we will be looking at two of the steps in this long and complex process. Said steps are known as broaching and shaping.

What is broaching?

During metal machining, broaching makes use of a broach to remove the materials. This broach is a toothed utensil. There are two primary forms of this process; linear and rotary. The former is the more common technique. Here, you run the tool linearly on your workpiece surface. As for the latter, it utilises a lathe machine or screw. The cut carried out in both operations is a single pass. Thus, it is highly efficient.

When you require precision metal machining, you should use broaching. It is particularly handy for generating irregular shapes. A few examples of what you can create with it include non-circular and circular holes. Other examples would be flat surfaces, splines, and keyways. You can use this kind of machining on a wide array of workpieces, such as forgings, stampings, screw machine parts, and castings.

What about shaping?

As for shaping, there are a number of different forms. One of them is hot forging. Here, you work a malleable metal billet, part, or workpiece to create a predetermined shape. You do this by using different techniques like hammering and pressing. Usually, you heat the part up to 75% of its melting point to acquire the right shape.

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