The reasons why wire breakage happens

Brindley Metals is a company that works to provide a wide selection of metal items to suit various industrial needs. This is not our sole area of expertise though. Something else we can do is provide help with services like wire erosion. No matter what it is we are doing for you, we commit to offering the highest level of service so you get the best results.

One issue that can manifest with wire erosion, also known as EDM, is wire breakage. A lot of research has been conducted into this complication, which happens during the machining procedure. We want to discuss the general causes here in order to understand how to avoid the problem.

Current density

This is the level of current on any surface area. Once it surpasses the physical limits of the electrical current flowing on the wire’s surface, it generates sufficient heat to melt the wire.

One of the simplest ways of managing the current density would be to lower the spark’s frequency. You can do it by enlarging the time between sparks. It is possible as long as you adjust the spark’s off-time via the control panel. You can do this manually or use the safety setting to detect the current density automatically.

Water cooling

In some cases an EDM wire can break because the cooling is insufficient. Bad flushing often comes about thanks to inadequate head placement. Normally, it is too far away from your workpiece. If shifting the head closer isn’t a possibility due to obstructions like clamps, you can attempt to increase the water’s volume.

At times, you will realise there has been air in the cutting area because of cavitation from high water pressure. This tends to happen when beginning a cut from an exterior edge of your part. Usually, the condition shall only endure until you cut your wire far enough into the part to generate a slot. The water can flow into this, cleaning and cooling the cutting area.

Power application

This is the next cause of wire breakage we will talk about. The stage at which power gets introduced to the wire is a point of wire break that is commonly overlooked. You will likely notice that the wire shall break at a location near the part’s top surface. It is the result of misadjusted or worn power contacts. By altering or replacing the contact plate, the breakage is going to immediately stop.

Poor maintenance

Finally, breakage can occur due to a lack of maintenance. This may not be as common a cause, but is one that demands consideration. Additionally, it is one of the tougher problems to identify.

Normally, you will notice issues in the wire transport system. There can be worn guides, bad water conductivity, or poor wire tension. You might also find some dirty wire rollers and small pieces of broken EDM wire. An examination of the wire path from the roller to the scrap bin is most suitably done by a thorough inspection of each component. Do this in order.

Beyond the common wire breakage causes here, grossly chosen cutting settings and power supply board failure would not be as likely. Yet, you must keep these on your list while you work.

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