The versatile, medium range bronze alloy

There are many different alloys of phosphor bronze to choose from, each with its own properties and characteristics. One of the most popular options is SAE660. Many people refer to it as bearing bronze. This is because it contains a large amount of lead, generally from as little as 6% up to 8%.

The main reason behind the huge popularity of this type of bronze is that it is so versatile. As a medium range grade it has properties that make it suitable for a huge array of different uses. For example it is anti-friction, making it perfect for different types of bearings and brushings. It also has great corrosion resistance.

Working with SAE660

The best advantage of this type of bronze is how many different options there are for working with it. For starters it has excellent machinability. It is suitable for CNC machining, rotary cutting, reaming, grinding, and more. In addition, the material responds very well to cold forming.

Another good characteristic of bearing bronze is the work hardening. This can help to increase the hardness as well as the yield and tensile strength. As a result it can make the material harder and better for various uses. One thing to note though is that excessive hardening can make the bronze brittle and prone to breakage.

It is also possible to anneal and stress relieve SAE660. However, it is vital that heating is gentle and not exceeding 260 Celsius per inch of wall thickness. The bronze should not be heated for a long time. It is also important to cool it slowly rather than quenching or fast cooling as these can cause it to crumble or fracture.

One more thing to remember is that this type of bronze is not suitable for welding or forging. However, it is good for brazing at hot-short range to reduce the strain. It is also excellent for soldering.

The best place to buy phosphor bronze

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